Fixing Discord No Route error

Discord is one of the most famous VoIP, Chatting, and sharing platforms among gamers as it provides easy-to-use services for gamers to stream their media to share it along with their watchers. Discord is not new but has gained popularity in recent times.

Many errors and bugs are going around with Discord, and one of them is the No route Error, Which is important for every discord user. However, this error can be fixed by yourself.

What is the No Route Error?

There are reasons why this error might be occurring and creating a problem for you. Here is what might have happened.

  1. The IP assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider has been changed, or you might have manually changed the IP address. It might be a reason for your VPN, and you can simply switch on and Off the Router or Modem. In some cases restarting your PC can also fix this.
  2. Your Antivirus or Firewall might be blocking Discord, and You will need to manually allow Discord to run on your Device. Otherwise, the Antivirus will not allow connection with the outgoing server.
  3. In cases where you are on a network in your school or office, and you have a network admin, The network admin might be blocking access to the Discord Servers.
  4. The Voice region of the server is not compatible with your client; you can fix that by simply changing the region of the voice server.
  5. Make sure your network is supporting the Quality of Service High Packet Priority. This can be disabled from the Voice & Video settings.

Fixing the Error

Restart your Computer/Modem/Router.

You will need to close all the applications and restart the computer or the router/modem. The No Route error might be caused because of the Dynamic IP range that keeps on changing and causes the disruption of the IPV6 services. If the issue is temporary and is caused by the change in the Dynamic IP and disruption of IPV6, then you will be able to fix this error with this minor fix. If the error still persists, then follow the next method.Restart your Computer/Modem/Router.

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