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We use printers a lot in our lives these days, We print a lot stuff, from work papers to stickers and pictures of your memories that you have captured, but a lot of time we have faced issues with the printer. Being a beginner with computers, we are not able to connect our printer and it is hard for most people to understand the complexity of the simple driver installation. Because of course, they are not good with computers. In this article we will learn the basics of using a printer and connecting it with our Windows or Mac, and printing with our Canon Printer. Though most of the printers have the same process of connecting, we will cover the wired printers from Canon in this article. We have also attached a form through which you can find the canon Printer Driver you are looking for.

Choose your Canon Printer

Choose your Canon Printer

You can choose your Canon Printer here and Download the Canon Printer, however, if your printer still does not work, we recommend using for updated Printer Drivers to download.

What do you need?

First of all, you will need to have a Canon Printer, a cable that runs through your Canon printer to your PC/Mac.

Then you will need a power cord/adapter that connects to the printer and provides it with power/electricity.

Then you will need an internet connection on your PC/Mac to download and install the drivers.

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Let us Download the driver and Connect the printer

  1. Firstly, Plug-in your Cables & Power

    Plug your power cord into your Canon/Cannon Printer and use the USB cable to plug it into your PC/MAC. Make sure the connections are tight and secure.Firstly, Plug-in your Cables & Power

  2. Now, go to Canon Website

    Open your favourite browser, and go to or you can also visit ij.start.cannon, this is the official website to download the canon drivers from.Now, go to Canon Website

  3. Click Set Up here button

    On the main page at or ij.start.cannon, you will see a Set Up here button, click on the button and you will now be able to select your Canon product. The model of your Canon Product will be on printer box or on the side of your printer.Click Set Up here button

  4. You will now have a Step-by-Step guide

    It will now show you a guide that has instructions on how you can install the printer. On the top, you will find a button that says Download. Click on the Download Button.You will now have a Step-by-Step guide

  5. Save, and Run the Download file

    Clicking on the Download button will open a window that asks you to select the folder in which you want to save and download the file to. For default click save again and the download will begin. Wait for the Download to finish.Save, and Run the Download file

  6. Run the Installation

    Now, Run the installation file from your Downloads folder or from the Browser download section. Once you run the Downloaded file, you will get the user access prompt that you will need to agree and accept, to begin the Installation.Run the Installation

  7. Follow on-screen guide, click next

    Now, Follow the on-screen installation wizard, click next and the installation will being, once the installation is finished, you can now connect your printer.Follow on-screen guide, click next

  8. Start Printing

    If your printer is connected to your Computer, you can now print anything you want, you can print a test page or alignment page for the printer in the printer driver section. We recommend printing a print alignment page before any other printing. Happy Printing!Start Printing

If you are facing any problems or errors, you can Call Canon and ask for help. These instructions are for Mac and Windows computers only. And only works for the wired printers.

The drivers that you are downloading from the official Canon site is different for some Canon printers. You will need to choose your printer model for everything to work properly.

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