A guide on Signing In to HBO Max on Smart TV

HBO Max is a house hold name in the TV and now the OTT (over the top) Media platforms. There are hardly a few people who have no idea about what it is or how to use it. In this article we will get to know how to connect HBO Max with any of the device that you want to watch the content from. But before we move on to the steps, you must know, having a HBO Max subscription is important. You can check the HBO Max site at https://hbomax.com for availability in your region and Pricing in your region.

What is HBO Max?

HBO Max is briefly a simple OTT app that has exclusive access to HBO Content, You can watch all the HBO Series, Movies, and programs on the app. This app is available to use on Android devices, including Android TV, Apple TV, and iOS. It can also be used Online via a browser. To watch the content, connect or remove or add devices you will need an active internet connection all the time.

How to connect TV (smart/with app) to HBO Max?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Let us get down to the basics, If you are using any smart tv, android app or iOS App. It can easily be used, accessed with just 2 steps.

  1. Turn on your TV/App and Open App

    If you have already installed the HBO Max app on your TV, open the app. If not, you can download it from App Store in iOS or Play Store in Android.Turn on your TV/App and Open App

  2. Now Click on the Sign In

    You will have a username and password that you have used to purchase the subscription, however if the subscription came with the service provider, you can simply Click on the Log In with Subscriber button to log-in.Now Click on the Sign In

  3. Using TV Sign In code

    If you see a Sign In with a code, you will need to log in via your smartphone or Laptop. Simply visit https://hbomax.com/tvsignin or https://activate.hbomax.com, Sign In to your Account and enter the code displayed on the TV App. Voila! You are Signed In to your HBO Max on TV.Using TV Sign In code

  4. If you are using it on Browser

    If you are not using the HBO Max on your TV, Firestick, or iOS device, you can simply visit https://hbomax.com/signin or https://play.hbomax.com/signIn to simply log in to watch your favourite content on the go.If you are using it on Browser

Using HBO Max is really easy and is a great platform to watch your favourite shows online, on tv, or on your smart multimedia devices.

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